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Capillary barrier

Increased moisture and humidity are common problems of old and new buildings.

Our innovative products help you to deal with these problems correctly and to prevent structural damage of your building by any side effect.

No salt entry into the masonry. No water retention in the wall through the formation of aqueous gel!

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Facade protection

Whenever a facade should be protected from rainwater or soiling, our systems are helping both the masonry facade, facing bricks, as well as raw rough, smooth plaster and painted facades.

An additional effect is the increase or maintenance of the thermal insulation of facades for buildings which may not be visually modified (class listed monuments).

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Specialty resins

If you want to block the groundwater, you need a waterproofing system, a capillary barrier and under it a matching special resin.

And if it is required to apply a new layer of concrete or mortar or thin plate on an old concrete, then the adherence to the substrate has a crucial importance. PlastaPox resins can do that.

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Special cleaners

Facade cleaning of dirt or moss, graffiti removal, oil stains on the concrete floor, removing old layers of paint and varnish or adhesive residue often becomes a problem.

You can find in our assortment easy to use, largely self-acting special cleaners.

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Mold removal

Moisture damage in residential areas are usually not detected until a visible layer of mold has been formed.

First of all, you must remove the cause of the moisture. However, one has to deal with the additional mold and to treat the affected area from moisture.

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Concrete waterproofing

Anyone who has ever coated concrete or screed floor or has a coated floor, also knows the blistering or flaking of the coatings.

PlastaDur-P not only helps to solve this problem, but offers many other possibilities.

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