Hydro Chemie Süd GmbH & Co. KG

Innovation & Customer Service
With Worldwide Commitment

Hydro Chemie stands for worldwide, personalized customer support with industry experts offering a constant level of guaranteed high quality service.

Worldwide Operations

We are a German company with international operations. Our products are offered in over 15 countries, with more countries quickly being added to this list.

In order to meet our goal of offering innovative products and processes, we conduct our own product development, problem solving and technical research.

Not only do we produce and sell our product, but we also provide intensive training for our partners - both in Germany and abroad. We share our knowledge and ensure all our trainees apply and comply with our high German standard in all countries.

Industry Expertise

Whether in Germany or Denmark, in Russia or Morocco, Turkey or Austria, in the Ukraine, Spain, India and many other countries, you won’t just receive our products: You will find that we also have available highly trained professionals with excellent technical knowledge and industry expertise in problem solving, technical applications and experience in working with our products.

We feel it is important for our customers to have access to industry experts throughout the entire process, from product information to use and application.

Environmental Awareness

We think about the consequences of everything that we do here, and use this as a guideline for developing our products. We choose the most environmentally-friendly materials to work with and possess an energy-efficient and resource-saving manufacturing processes. In addition, we make our best efforts to avoid excess waste during the product development process as well as packaging waste from materials purchases.

Wherever possible, we concern ourselves with the effects of our long-lasting products and strive to protect the environment through sustainability. For our short-lived products, we focus on high levels of biodegradability.